Are you visiting Munich during the winter months and are considering to go skiing while here? Due to the city’s location near the Alps, there are many ski runs perfect for a day of skiing.

Last weekend, my friend Laura and I went skiing in the ski resort Wilder Kaiser Brixental. We had planned this weeks ago and although we now both had a heavy cold, we were determined to go through with it. The resort is only a 1h-drive away from Munich and is located in Tyrol, Austria. So, on Saturday morning, we loaded our gear into the car and took off.

Now, keep this in mind: the weekend is when everyone drives into the mountains to go skiing. We left at around 9am, expecting to arrive 1-1,5 hours later. When did we actually get there? At noon. Be smarter and leave early to avoid traffic jams, especially if you’re planning on being there when the ski lifts open!

Driving into Austria

Everyone who drives into or in Austria is required to purchase a Vignette (toll sticker) before entering the country. The Austrian motorways are all subject to toll, so you won’t get around buying the Vignette unless you stick to country roads. When driving on the motorway heading to Austria, you’ll encounter several gas stations that sell the sticker (road signs will indicate this), so you can buy it on the way. Unfortunately, there is no one-day toll sticker, so you have to get a 10-day sticker for 9,20€, even if you’re only going for the day. However, it is possible to reenter Austria during the following 10 days as many times as you like.

How to reach Wilder Kaiser Brixental

The ski resort is so big that it can be entered from several villages. Laura and I decided to drive to Söll and take the ski lift from there. It was the first time skiing there for both of us, but it was very easy to find. Road signs indicate the way to the resort and we found a parking spot immediately. We put on our gear, got our ski passes and hopped on the lift. Easy!

Skiing in Wilder Kaiser Brixental

The last time I went skiing was already several years ago, so I was a bit nervous in the beginning whether I would be ok on the slopes. If you’re a beginner or a little bit rusty like me, then don’t worry – there are slopes for every level. Beginner (marked with blue signs), intermediate (red) and advanced (black). We went for the red pistes and had a great time skiing.

After a couple of hours our bodies were asking for fuel, so we decided take a break on top of the mountain and have lunch. While our mouths were savoring the yummy Kaiserschmarren, our eyes were enjoying the view!

Kaiserschmarren is basically thick pieces of pancake mixed with raisins, topped with powdered sugar. Love to have mine with some apple purée!

And if after a day long of skiing you still have energy to party, make your way to one of the many huts and join an Après-Ski party!

We didn’t have the energy, so no Après-Ski photos. Sorry folks!

More info:

Tariffs ski passes
Ladies’ Day – reduced prices
Men’s Day – reduced prices


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