Or at least I dare claim that this only exists in Germany. Potatoes and Pretzels are probably two of the most German things one can think of, right? Well, at Brezelina in Munich, you can get both!

I grew up up in Germany so as cliché as it might be: I love the potato (in all its forms and sizes). Brezelina in Munich sells freshly baked pretzels with different toppings, but their real speciality in my opinion are their mashed potatoes to go. You can get one cup of creamy mashed potatoes mixed with real butter and nutmeg. On top of that you can add several toppings. My favourite? Sour cream and chives! But there’s even more to choose from: bacon, cheese, …

A yummy portion of mashed potatoes with sour cream and chives to go!

You can find Brezelina only in Munich – nowhere else in Germany. The first Brezelina shop opened in 2009 and a few years later, due to its popularity, a second shop opened. Bavarians just love potatoes and pretzels!

Where to find Brezelina in Munich:

Shop 1:
Stachus Passagen | basement level
Karlsplatz 9
80335 Munich

Shop 2:
Metro Station Marienplatz | basement level
80331 Munich

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