It was a dark and cold evening. My friend Anete and I met up after work, tired, freezing. It was snowing again (or still?) – it had been snowing for a week at this point and Munich looked like a true winter wonderland.

We had decided on going to Café Jasmin. Neither of us had ever been there even though we’ve been living in Munich for 10+ years (shame on us for not exploring more). But in September 2018, a friend gave me a voucher for this Café for my birthday with the words “I really like going there”. I was delighted – I always enjoy getting recommended new places by friends!

So, with the voucher in my pocket and the ink on it already fading (you should step up your voucher game Café Jasmin), we hopped on the tube to find a warmly glowing café waiting for us on a street corner 20 minutes later…

Anete was standing next to me, freezing, while I was taking photos of this lovely place. How come we had never been here before? With the snow surrounding the café, it looked like a cozy living room. We were ready to warm ourselves up with a nice cup of coffee and to (hopefully) get our bellies filled with yummy food (were they serving food at all? We didn’t even know!).

Inside, there’s a serious retro vibe going on: existing since the 1950s it looks as if time has stood still in this snug café on the corner. The place was packed, but lucky enough two girls were just about to leave, so we grabbed their table and settled down on the comfortable padded sofas.

I checked out the menu and although it was freezing outside, I went for their homemade lemonade. It was served in a tall glass and was simply delicious, and I especially liked that it gets served with a glass straw – eco friendliness for the win!

Not in the mood for coffee or lemonade? No worries – Café Jasmin also serves tea, wine, cocktails and, of course, beer! Munich is the beer capital after all… 😉

They also offer a variety of international dishes and cakes. We went for a piece of cherry crumble to go with our coffees after we had just both finished our potato soup with bread on the side!


They offer breakfast, too, which I shall try some day for sure! A pity this cafe is not on my way to work, I’d pop in every other day for a freshly brewed coffee with soy milk and my favourite Bircher muesli.

While savouring our cakes, I noticed a few postcards lying on the table as adverts for events that will be held at the café. One event in particular caught my eye: an evening with live music at Café Jasmin at the end of January. So this place has live music as well! How cool is that? I took a note of the event (…a photo of the postcard) and will check it out.

It’ll also give me an excuse for having another slice of one of their delicious cakes! 😉

Until next week,




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